About us

The QUALIVIDA team is made from a group of professionals who work in different research activities, in general related to sanity, and also university teaching. We are aligned with the improvement of the quality of life possibilities that bring elaborated studies based on the scientific evidence, but we are also conscious that sometimes its positive to combine official medicine with other proposals that complement the healing process of an ill person, and require, for its efficiency, a group of different activities like: improve nutrition guidelines, empower and enjoy physical activities and find again the balance, especially emotional balance to enjoy again a personal and healthy life.

We are a group open to grow as a collective, and teamed with other organizations who have similar activities. We believe in collaborative work, especially in the use of Internet as of progressive use to reach everybody, because we could benefit from the fact that there’s no need to meet at the same place and at the same time with these technical tools.


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24 March 2023

Physical Activity meta-Analysis and risk of diseases


Association of dietary inflammatory potential with Colorectal cancer risk

01 March 2018

Association of dietary inflammatory potential with Colorectal cancer risk